SEX ED “Indecency” Quiz

Have you ever been kissed against your will?
Have you ever picked up a girl or gone with a guy you didn’t know?
Have you ever had an abortion?
Have you ever tried Angel Dust?

According to a high school AP teacher in Utah, these are the sorts questions teenagers need to be asking themselves in order to prepare for adulthood.

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SJW Teachers Violate Curriculum Standards and Lie to Parents

Curriculum wars have gripped the education industry and the popular psyche in America for decades. The battles over sex education. Evolution versus creationism. Progressive educators with their revisionist history lessons versus the traditionalists pushing civic virtues and founding principles. And the list goes on.

But what happens when curriculum doesn’t matter. What happens when the school boards are out of session, the parents are at work, and it’s just the students and teachers? What happens when teachers teach whatever they want, the curriculum standards be damned?

This is the state of education in America. Teachers are adopting social justice lesson plans even when doing so violates curriculum standards, the desires of parents, and – most importantly – the best interests of students.

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