Radical social justice agitator and alleged felon speaks at Colorado middle school

A sixth grade “social justice” teacher (whatever the hell that means) in Colorado brought in a radical left-wing activist and accused felon to speak to students without parental or administration approval.

Dezy Saint-Nolde, better known by her activist name, Queen Phoenix, spoke to a group of sixth graders at Sky Vista Middle School in Aurora, Colorado earlier this month.

Saint-Nolde has become a prominent social justice agitator in Denver over the last year. She is also facing multiple felony charges and is apparently on the run from law enforcement as of October 16, after she failed to show up to her own jury trial.

Teacher Asia Lyons appears to have brought Saint-Nolde to the school without parental consent or administration approval. Lyons has also been accused of indoctrinating her students with far left propaganda.

According to one parent, Lyons told students not to stand for the pledge of allegiance because doing so would be to support Trump:

“We parents put the trust in every person that enters Sky Vista. That trust has been broken by Ms. Lyons for allowing a speaker who goes by the name Queen Phoenix to enter Sky Vista and speak to the students,” said Michael Grube, a parent of two children at Sky Vista, during the public comment period of the meeting. “What do you say to your children when they come home and say that Ms. Lyons said you don’t have to stand for the pledge of allegiance because that would be showing you support Donald Trump?” 

While the details of Saint-Nolde’s talk to the students have not been released, we can get an idea from some of her antics over the past year. She has previously organized riots which shut down Interstate 25 in the city. She also evidently speaks in the third person and may or may-not prefer to be referred to as “she.” As she told the website 303 Magazine in February:

Queen Phoenix, also known as Dezy, is a full-time peace activist who recently moved to the city of Denver to evoke change across the nation. As a queer, female-bodied, androgyn of color, Phoenix moved here from their hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin in hopes of finding a better quality of life. 

Queen Phoenix also appears to have vague delusions of grandeur, perceiving her felony drug distribution charges as being a red-herring by police bent on shutting down her “movement.” Before failing to show up for her trial last week, she had also started an online fundraiser to pay her legal fees and has been selling t-shirts bearing her face and slogan “Good Save the Queen.”

She seems like a great role model. I’m sure her talk to the students was very useful.

As for the teacher her brought Queen Phoenix in, according to a school district spokesperson, Lyons has been suspended indefinitely, pending an investigation into the incident.