SEX ED “Indecency” Quiz

Have you ever been kissed against your will?
Have you ever picked up a girl or gone with a guy you didn’t know?
Have you ever had an abortion?
Have you ever tried Angel Dust?

According to a high school AP teacher in Utah, these are the sorts questions teenagers need to be asking themselves in order to prepare for adulthood.

Candace Thurgood at Roy High School in the Weber County School District north of Salt Lake City teaches 16 year olds Adult Roles and Financial Literacy course. The course gives students college-credit and is supposed to teach financial literacy.

But Candace instead took it upon herself to survey high school juniors on how many abortions they’ve had, how many times they’ve taken off their clothes in a parking lot, and whether or not they’ve ever had a homosexual encounter.

Students’ responses were then graded against a so-called indecency index.

Aside from the questionable ethics of listing date rape less indecent than a voluntary homosexual encounter, the entire exercise was a no win for students. Kids who haven’t had multiple abortions are labeled “nerds” and “maybe a fruitcake.” Kids who have been quote “kissed while reclining” could end up being graded as “hopeless and condemned.” These are 16 year olds for Christ sakes.

University of Utah professor of sociology Claudia Geist offered her deep insights on the matter to The Salt Lake Tribune “the questionnaire serves to stigmatize students, rather than educate them in a healthy way about risks surrounding sex or alcohol and drugs.”

What would we do without the deep and abiding insights of PhDs like her?

So how did this happen?

As we’ve seen over and over again, these courses end up being taught by far left social justice educators who have been indoctrinated from their earliest preservice days to push the social justice agenda by undermining curriculum standards, the desires of parents, and the direction of administrators. And these sorts of lesson plans invariably diverge from the approved curriculum. But that is not to say, as we’ll see in a minute that strictly speaking, administrators are unaware of the lessons plans.

In the case of this particular course, curriculum that parents had to specifically consent to prior to having their kids enroll.

Yet, the statement from the Weber County School District said officials were unaware of the questionnaire, and parental consent was not obtained.

District spokesman Lane Findlay said the lesson was not a part of the approved curriculum.

In statement, Roy High School officials said “Although we strive for a standard of perfection in teaching, occasionally mistakes are made.”

The only mistake they made from the perspective of an activist social justice educator, was assigning the questions as homework, instead of in class, where they would be hidden from the prying eyes of parents.

As schools officials admitted, the lesson was hosted on a school web portal. And according the Salt Lake City Tribune, the teacher admitted to at least one parent that she has used the survey for years without any problems or complaints.

If that’s the case, which it likely is, the district has been violating both federal and state laws which bar surveys of student sexual or illegal behavior. Yet, the District spokesman had the guts to tell the Daily News that they had launched an investigation “to determine if the survey has been given to other students in the past and to what extent,” he said. “Also, has it been used by any other teachers in our district.” Further action, he said, will be based on the results of the investigation.

While this teacher has been suspended, nothing will come of the investigation. These sorts of lessons have been in use for years. The survey was from a 1981 newspaper column. Teachers just believe – and rightly so – that parents aren’t paying attention.